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  • Waste Heat to Power
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Hot Water
  • CHP Generation

A Portfolio of Energy Solutions


From top to bottom our unique systems improve performance, lower costs, and eliminate waste in your building.


  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Hi-Rise Residential Buildings
  • Hotels and Recreation Facilities
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Municipal Buildings and Schools
  • Factories and Distribution Plants
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Commercial Heating and Hot Water Systems

Fisonic commercial heating and hot-water systems easily replace your existing system and can be installed without disrupting building services. Our systems deliver a wide range of operational, performance and environmental benefits over conventional technology.

  • Reduce Steam Consumption
  • Reduce Water and Sewer Consumption
  • District-Steam or Boiler Based Buildings
  • Compact and Easy to Install
  • Reduce Maintenance and Parts Expenses

Combined Heat and Power Generation (CHP)

Fisonic systems generate electric power as a byproduct of providing heat. Our design easily integrates with a variety of sources, including district-steam, traditional boilers, and solar thermal systems.

  • Zero-Emissions, No Venting Needed
  • Reduces Demand Charges
  • Reclaims Waste Heat and Water
  • Compact Footprint
  • Scalable, Modular and Low Maintenance

Waste Heat to Power Systems

Fisonic waste-heat recovery systems generate clean electric power from an array of sources including; district-steam condensate, steam-traps, industrial processes, geothermal and commercial appliance exhaust. Versatile configurations can power demand-reduction systems, power your facility, or be used in customized utility applications.

  • Capture Waste Heat and Water
  • Variable Temperature Range Applications
  • District-Steam or Boiler Based Buildings
  • Compact and Modular Design
  • Requires No Venting Zero-Emission
  • Scalable, Modular and Low Maintenance

The Fisonic Pathway to Clean Energy

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Free Site Analysis

Solutions and Design

Installation and Testing

Performance Monitoring

Free Site Analysis

We perform free, no obligation, site analysis for your facility and conduct comprehensive review of the cost and efficiency of your energy usage.

Free Site Analysis

Solutions and Design

We propose the Fisonic Energy Solution that will best meet your needs and custom engineer the system according to the specifics of your facility.

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Installation and Testing

We install according to a pre-approved plan. All materials arrive pre-sized and ready for connection. After instalation is complete we fine tune the system to optimal performance.

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Performance Monitoring

We inspect our system routinely and continuously monitor and verify their performance using our automated cloud based system.

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