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Fisonic Technology

Fisonic technology harnesses the natural phenomenon of two-phase flow. At the core of the technology is a hyper-efficient heat exchanger that produces thrust.

Fisonic devices are heat exchangers, pumps and mixers with patented internal geometry. They mix steam and water by direct contact without consumption of mechanical energy. They achieve the most effective conversion of thermal energy into mechanical work using uniform two-phase mixtures in the transonic or supersonic modes. This unconventional thermo-dynamic process has the following benefits:

  • Higher outlet pressure than the pressure of the working medium
  • Constant flowrate of mixture in a broad range of counter pressures
  • High energy efficiency without the need for extra heating process
  • No moving parts and small space requirement
  • Broad range of applications
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FisonicMaxTM Hot-Water System

Our commercial heating platform applies Fisonic Technology to recover waste heat in a closed loop to achieve maximum heat output with incredible efficiency. Available for district-steam or boiler-based configurations.

  • Efficient Heat Exchanging
  • Two-Phase Self-Pumping Technology
  • Reduce Steam Consumption
  • Reduce Water and Sewer Charges
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Moving Parts
  • Easy Bypass Installation
  • No Disruption to Building Services
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TKT Thermal Kinetic TurbineTM System

Our hydro-turbine platform applies Fisonic Technology to generate electricity as byproduct of the heat exchange process. Versatile design can be configured for connection to district-steam, solar-thermal, waste-heat or boiler-based systems.

  • Heat Exchange and Electricity
  • Avoid Demand Charges
  • Zero-Emissions Requires No Venting
  • Scalable, Modular and Compact
  • Easy Bypass Installation
  • No Disruption to Building Services
  • BMS Compatible. Cloud-Based Controls
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